I went all the way to Amazon.com and all I got was this lousy book?

Ok, I know…shoot me for the sarcasm.  Unfortunately, that’s really how I feel about Love Wins.  I just finished Love Wins and intended on writing a full review of it.  As I was reading I decided I would just post my Kindle highlights from it.  By the time I finished, I felt like I’ll just say a couple things, post a couple links, and be done.

Love Wins is nothing more than a series of straw man fallacies that Bell cleverly sets up and knocks down.  To the semi-regular church attender I think this book will appeal to them.  I think it will help them buy into what they wish was true about God.  I think they may even jump in head first and rejoice over the book. Others will “take the good with the bad” and not think too much about it beyond that.  For others it will lead them farther away from the truth.  In the end, the book is a load of hogwash.  It scores a perfect 10 on the mat of hermeneutical gymnastics.  Sure, that’s harsh, but come on, does Rob Bell really think this is worth the pages it’s written on?  For one who seems so concerned about “good art”, does Love Wins even pass as art?  Does it hold up under any scrutiny, historically or linguistically?  The answer is a resounding, NO!

Ok, I’m done. I have nothing further to say about Love Wins, other than the fact that love in the end does win.  God’s love.  The love that was poured out on the cross for sinners.  The love that accepted the wrath of God on our behalf and made a propitiation for sin. In the end, love wins. Justice wins. God wins.

Fore a more in depth review please see  Justin Taylor’s review at:





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