KONY 2012

I’m sure by now you have seen, or at least heard of, Kony 2012. The Kony video is an attempt to use social media to bring to justice Joseph Kony. Kony is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and other surrounding African countries. He is well known for abducting children to fight in his army, brutally wounding children, and all sorts of atrocious war crimes. There is no doubt that he needs to be brought to justice.

The Kony video was made by the same people who did Invisible Children. Without going into a lot of detail about the group and their background, suffice it to say that they are attempting to help bring peace to Uganda and other areas through social action, education, and rehabilitation programs. Their methods have been controversial.

If you have watched Facebook, read the news, or been on Twitter at all then you know that there is a lot of controversy around this film. I am still undecided as to how I feel about it. The controversy started with the Visible Children Blog and spread quickly. Soon after that Invisible Children responded. The blogs that have written for and against are just about infinite. Matt Chandler from The Village Church basically threw in his supportTim Challies warned everyone to just relax and breatheChallies did link to one article though from someone who grew up in Sudan and saw the torturous events that have taken place there. In the end, this guy who grew up there says hope to the oppressed is the solution, not the video.

For what it’s worth, here are my thoughts:

  1. Kony should be brought to justice. I am not qualified to speak on how that should happen.
  2. Only the Gospel can bring hope.
  3. Social media is EXTREMELY powerful. This video has been viewed over 50 million times now since the beginning of the week. It’s all over the news. Bill Gates, Oprah, and other very powerful celebrities have promoted it too. We are living in a very different time and the way the world works is quickly changing. The fact that 3 guys with a video camera and an idea can get the attention of the President of the United States and influence him to send military personnel to Uganda to help train their army to capture Kony is unbelievable.
  4. Lastly, we probably should not criticize people who are doing something when we are doing nothing.

I hope they are successful in removing Kony and trying him in the international courts. Even more though, I hope they are successful at bringing hope to the region.

Because of Grace,


One response to “KONY 2012”

  1. jim chatfield says :

    Well thought and said. It’s not such a simple issue. I wonder if some on both sides have overstated their position and information.

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