Morning Roundup

I like to get up early and get to work at the church as soon as possible. I’m usually here around 7:00a.m. It’s quiet then (before Mikel gets here, haha), and I can get lots of work done without any distractions. The first thing I do is get my cup of coffee (preferably in my new Mike Wozowski mug) and go through my Google Reader. If you don’t use Google Reader, you should. It’s a quick and easy way to read through the news, blogs, and anything else you like to keep up with. Usually I end up posting a few articles each morning that I think are worth reading. Instead of posting several links on Facebook each morning, I decided to start compiling them into one blog post on my blog and posting that instead. So here ya go…the morning roundup…have a great day!

Why Impostors Love the Church – A good word from Dr. Russel Moore from Southern Seminary – “Finally, the church often draws such impostors because of a perversion of the Christian doctrine of grace. The Christian gospel offers a complete forgiveness of sin, and not only that, a fresh start as a new creation. But both Jesus and the apostles warn us that this can easily be perverted into a kind of anti-christ license.”

At What Age Should We Baptize – Here is a good overview of when some prominent churches decide it’s a good time to baptist children. I am yet undecided, but I do think that new Christians should show good evidence of repentance and fruit before being baptized.

The Bible and Birth Control – Tim Challies has recently written about what the Bible has to say about using birth control. If you have a seminary background, then you have had this discussion at some point in time. Seminaries are full of kids and families who don’t use birth control. At Southeastern there was an apartment complex called Flaherty Farms, but most single people on campus called it Fertility Farms. That link is for part two, here is the first part of the series.

The Snake Kings – A couple weeks ago we finally got around to watching the Courageous movie. I really enjoyed it. It was very good, challenging, and convicting. Here’s a funny scene from it.


Have a good weekend!


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