Morning Roundup 3/12

It was a great weekend at the Hoover house. We celebrated Asher’s 5th birthday at Wallabee’s, and he got lots of cool dinosaurs and gifts. Thanks to everyone who came. Asher had a great time, especially with his new bike. It’s red and decked out in Lightning McQueen gear. It’s amazing to me what a bike will do for a young boy. The sheer excitement of being in command of a red bike has to be something like a 16 year old getting his driver’s license and a new car. He loves it and pedaled that thing up and down the driveway last night way past bed time. Watching my boy ride a bike makes this father very proud. Well, here’s the morning roundup…have a great week!!!

What Dr. Seuss Was Really Up To – I remember loving Dr. Seuss books growing up. My favorite was The Cat in the Hat. You just couldn’t beat those little books. But, if you think they are just little books with lots of cool words, think again.

Eight Ways to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse – The fact that something like this needs to be said is sad. However, the number of children that are sexually abused is on the rise. Too often it goes unreported, among children and adults. Parents, if you haven’t thought through this issue, now is the time to start. It’s never too early.

On Kony and Viruses – If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of hearing about Kony. Although I don’t think it is going anywhere until at late Spring. This article is written by two missionaries serving in the area where the LRA has ravaged lives and communities. “Let us follow in His steps, into harm’s way, to spotlight injustice, to walk alongside the suffering, to lend whatever gifts God has blessed us with to bless others.  And let us remember that our real enemy is not Kony, but the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, the forces that will only be overcome by prayer and service, by the blood of Jesus and the living word and testimony of His followers who do not love their lives unto death (Rev. 12:11).”

Five Reasons the Father Silently Said “No” to the Son in Gethsemane – Because the Father answered “No,” sinners have a High Priest perfectly intimate with all their weaknesses, merciful and faithful.

Lastly, here’s a new song from Chris Tomlin. It’s called “White Flag” and was introduced at Passion 2012. Great song.

Because of Grace,


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