Morning Roundup 3/13

Hunger Games Review – Here’s a great review of the Hunger Games books that are all the rage these days. “The immense popularity of these books is not only wide but deep; there’s obviously more to their appeal than a heart-pounding plot.  Might it be that, even after decades of self-esteem training, young readers know on a subconscious level that they’re not that good?  Do they only admire Katniss’s strength and determination, or do they also identify with her struggle?”

Five Things a Pastor Should Never Say – Hopefully these are some things I will avoid in the future of my ministry. Anyone said any of these?

Kindle – My kindle is one of my favorite gadgets. It makes reading easy, especially if one of the kids ever happens to be napping on me. As much as I like it though, I hope real books don’t go away. There’s just something about having a real book, with real paper, a front and back cover…oh, and the smell, too. Book do smell great if you didn’t know that already. Ok, so here’s a few good Kindle deals up today – Women and Stress is currently FREE, Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury is only $2.99, and I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter Day Saints is also currently FREE. I haven’t read the last one, or the previous two for that matter. Holy Subversion by Trevin Wax is still at $2.69. No, I don’t constantly scan the pages of Amazon for free or cheap books, just follow Gospel eBooks, they do it for you.

Screwtape on Stage – If you are a fan of the Screwtape Letters from C.S. Lewis then you won’t want to miss this. Unfortunately, most people probably will – myself included. Either way, it looks absolutely fascinating.

Tim Hawkins on “Things you don’t say to your wife.”


Because of Grace,


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  1. Ben Reed says :

    Thanks for linking back to my post, Jon!

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