Morning Roudup 3/23

The first thing I do each day is go through my Google Reader. Reader is a great web program from Google that allows you to follow all your blogs and news resources systematically on one sight. Instead of blowing up your Facebook newsfeed, I figured I’d gather them up this morning and share them. So here they are…

Presidential Approval Rating vs Church Approval Rating – What can we do about this? (other than complain) Seriously.  Any ideas?

Without an Invitation, It’s Just a Story – There are lots of criticisms these days on invitations and altar calls, this sheds some good light on them. What do you think?

You are not the first Domino – Good word here for us prideful people.

Chick-fil-a and the Irony of the Tolerance Police – I don’t even have words to express my disappointment in the foolishness of the world and how they have treated the recent Chick-fil-a comments. God help us. Seriously.

All Sons and Daughters – The live sessions from All Sons and Daughters at Relevant Studios are up for your viewing. Great band. Great music. Go listen.

Amazon’s Yesterday Shipping – Excellent

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