The Gospel Project – Preschool Introduction Videos

One of the things I love about The Gospel Project are the introductory videos and discussion starter videos for each class. Video based curriculums are a dime-a-dozen these days, and most are either too cheesy to show or just don’t make the connection between truth and the illustration used. The Gospel Project has found a great balance to the videos. They are funny and cute for kids, but not cheesy. They also make a great point and discussion actually takes place because of them.

For example, check out this video on creation for the kindergartners:


Now kindergartners really don’t have a great grasp of all the issues in this video. They don’t understand the varying worldviews between evolution and creationism. But, what they can begin to understand is that God created everything. In fact, that’s the big picture they will take away from their first lesson – God created everything for His glory.

I showed this video to a friend and they thought it would be way over a child’s head. I must disagree. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old, both of which watched this video. They laughed and thought talking cupcakes were silly, but it launched a great conversation about how God created us all. WE MUST NEVER SHY AWAY FROM TEACHING DEEP TRUTHS TO A CHILD. Sometimes I think they get it more than us adults do. The Gospel Project does an outstanding job of teaching these truths to preschoolers.

I praise God for The Gospel Project! Tomorrow we’ll preview the introduction video for elementary age children on creation. It is fantastic.



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