The Gospel Project – The Stolen Blessing

The Stolen Blessing

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Gospel Project for Kids continued its journey through God’s story by learning about a little sibling rivalry. Any child with a sibling can attest to the struggles that sometimes plague this special relationship. Jacob and Esau were no different. Jacob’s name means “heel grabber,” an apt description of who and what he was.

Esau despised his birthright in favor of some tasty stew that Jacob was making. The birthright was an important right in Hebrew culture, and for Esau to look on it with disdain was contrary to all that it was designed to do. Jacob took advantage of his brother and secured for himself a better familial position.

Jacob is a perfect example of why people need a Savior. He tricked his father into blessing him instead of his brother. Jacob lied and was a devious manipulator to gain something that wasn’t rightfully his. Like Jacob, we seek a birthright and a blessing that don’t belong to us, but we can’t lie, cheat, or deceive in order to gain it. Instead, Jesus shared His birthright and blessing with us when He paid for our sins on the cross and gave us His righteousness.


I’d like to take a moment to encourage everyone to be intentional about the Gospel Project and discipleship. I have come to the realization that discipleship has to be intentional. If it’s just something you try to do every now and then, it won’t work. Discipleship takes time and commitment. One of the reasons I love the Gospel Project is because it makes that process easy to do. If take the time to do the family journal exercise each week, review the cards, and work on the scripture memory with your kids then you are doing a FANTASTIC job. If you want to take it a step further, and you have an iPad, I would highly encourage you to get the Gospel Project Family App. It is a tremendous blessing, full of activities, videos, and games to help your kids solidify what they are learning.

Keep pressing on, parents and grandparents! The kids NEED you to teach them the Bible!




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