On the “Forced Family Separation” Issue…

There comes a time on certain issues when you should turn off Fox News and CNN. Now is one of those times.

The issue of forced family separation at the border has produced a great deal of incredible outrage on both sides of the aisle. Those on the left are comparing this to Nazi Germany and concentration camps. That’s ridiculous. That comparison belittles the great tragedy that occurred in Germany during the Holocaust.

Equally ridiculous is the response from various conservatives who are literally giddy over what’s going on. It’s one thing to agree with the policy or to have fierce debates over what should happen when someone crosses the border illegally, but it is an entirely different thing to practically rejoice over parents and children being separated when they get here if that’s what it takes to deter more immigrants from coming to this country illegally.

May I suggest to those comparing this to concentration camps that you back off the hyperbole a little? It’s not helping your case for ending this or for finding a better way forward.

And may I also suggest to those on the right who have no problem with this that you examine your heart and have some compassion? Even if these kids were separated from their families to go and stay at Disneyland, they are still enduring severe trauma that will likely last a lifetime for them.

I would also add that nearly every Christian denomination has condemned this policy and so has an exhaustive list of Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham (who is generally very supportive of Trump). If this is the case, then surely it is time for the average American to listen to our faith leaders before we listen to politicians with agendas.

There must be a better way forward, and as Americans we should be better than our hyperbolic condemnation or joyful praise of this policy.

As Christians, I wish we had an attitude of prayer and a heart of compassion that causes us to act with gospel faithfulness on topics that require a great deal of discernment. I see very little of that. I also do not understand why I see various pastors expressing their support for this policy while remaining silent on Jeff Sessions misuse of the Bible to defend this policy. Isn’t one of these things worth speaking up about more than the other?

Below are a few articles I believe are worth your time and will help you gain a well-balanced view of what is actually taking place at the border and how it might be fixed.

Was Sessions Right to Quote the Bible in Defense of Family Separation?

The Truth about Separating Kids

A Statement from Senator Ben Sasse

The above is not meant to say one view or another is the correct one. It is simply to say that I think Christians need to have more discernment and greater compassion regardless of how we feel about the policy currently being fiercely debated.

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